Client Factors

Client Factors and Circumstances Influence Asset Allocation


A. Instances when a DeCamilla Capital client might need to raise cash. The client:

  • Foresees the need to make a large purchase
  • Suffers a professional setback or job loss
  • Makes a charitable donation or family loan
  • Starts a new business or closes down an old one
  • Assists in tuition payments
  • Experiences an uninsured casualty loss or legal expense

B. Instances when a DeCamilla Capital client would commit additional investment funds. The client:

  • Needs additional dividend income
  • Experiences a market “sell off” where stocks become discounted
  • Receives proceeds from the sale of an income producing business, capital asset, or real property and has to replace the cash flow
  • Owns a retirement rollover account, which needs to generate income and maintain liquidity
  • Holds excess cash and seeks capital growth to fund future obligations or living expenses

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