Does DeCamilla Capital Fit You? represents a “No Sales Zone.” We want everyone visiting our website to understand we have no products to sell, offer no free dinners, and do not host Social Security seminars. Contact us if you need straightforward investment assistance or have money management questions. Like all companies we want new business but we are not seeking to make it seem like investing is easy.

In our view, investing client capital is a risky undertaking that requires diligence and care. Unfortunately, many people in the financial services industry think otherwise. To them your capital is grist to generate commissions or asset management fees. These are the same firms and business men and women who nearly drove the U. S. economy to the brink of collapse by selling their toxic mortgage securities to pension funds, endowments, and individuals.

Of course there are an abundance of financial entities and sales people ready, willing, and more than able to persuade you there is an investment version of Santa Claus. Please do not confuse DeCamilla Capital with those financial services firms. 

Advertisements featuring talking babies, toddlers asking their Dads about financial matters, or dramatic actors pitching online investment opportunities are non sequiturs in our view.  

DeCamilla Capital should not be confused with the average broker, financial planner, or wealth advisor. We are fiduciaries who take responsibility for investment and manage investment portfolios for those individuals who cannot or do not want to do it themselves. 

We have nothing to sell but a great deal to offer.