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DeCamilla Capital embraces all aspects of and related information about the investment and financial services sector. Following are subjects that we consider of interest to investors. Items will be updated to reflect evolving topics in investment and finance.

Subjecting All Investment Advice to a Fiduciary Standard
U.S. Department of Labor fiduciary rule proposes that all investment advisors adhere to a fiduciary standard

• Consumer Protection [Feb. 23, 2015, National Public Radio]
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• Proposed Rule Definition of the Term Fiduciary; Conflict of Interest Rule--Retirement Investment Advice [Public Comment Begins April 20, 2015]
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• Middle Class Economics: Strengthening Retirement Security by Cracking Down on Backdoor Payments and Hidden Fees
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• The Effects of Conflicted Advice on Retirement Savings
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What Does True Investment Success Look Like?
• The Folklore of Finance, How Beliefs and Behaviors Sabotage Success in the Investment Management Industry
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Why WISER Women
• Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement—Improving the long-term financial security of all women
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Protecting Your Money
• What You Need to Know Before Choosing an Investment Advisor
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Annual Report 101
How to Read an Annual Report
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