My Current Investment Process

Your individual investment process and focus varies from that of your neighbors, colleagues, and friends. The process should be one of continuous reflection and refinement. To help you characterize and determine where you are at in your investment process, think about the following.

My personal investment decision-making process is best described as:

  • Reactive:  “I respond to ideas when my broker calls or I see one who I think has a good idea and call him.”
  • Passive:    “I let a third-party handle it. I get the statements but don’t spend much time on it, if at all. It’s all “Greek”to me.”
  • Madness:  “I listen to a guy on one of the cable TV business programs. His ideas for his own family trust are good enough for me.”
  • Strategic:  “I know what I need to do but I’m uncertain whether my decision will get me where I need to go.”
  • Aggressive: I’m looking to make money so my capital needs to stay in motion. I constantly review my investment positions and make trades based on my own research and instincts. I’m not reluctant to use leverage to enhance my returns or to concentrate on one large position. Option trading doesn't scare me.”