Our Fiduciary Relationship

Fiduciary-Based Investment Management

A fiduciary is a “person bound to act for another’s benefit” and to whom “property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.”

DeCamilla Capital follows a strict fiduciary standard based upon four pillars: sharing knowledge, building trust and confidence, and serving in a dutiful manner. Unlike many investment advisors and brokers we operate as investment fiduciaries—managing the assets of our clients for their exclusive benefit.

As money-managing fiduciaries our client relationships are created by express agreement of the customer and DeCamilla Capital. Our overall role is to provide sound investment advice to our clients. We declare our Fiduciary Oath commitment to adhere to a fiduciary ethic and to be accountable for the advice to our clients.

DeCamilla Capital is a discretionary, data driven money management firm. We work in the context of a client’s circumstances for the client’s benefit. We base our investment advice on facts, truths, and principles. Our understanding of stock trends and seasoned companies incorporates current events, economic directions, and global issues. We are subject matter experts but always learning. We communicate with clients in plain language.

Trust and Confidence
The foundation of DeCamilla Capital client relationships is mutual respect and direct two-way communication. We use informed decision-making in our value-driven approach to investing. We gain a client’s perspective through empathy, insight, and listening. Our 30 plus years of one-to-one investment management experience enables our discerning know-how for the client’s benefit. 

As investment fiduciaries DeCamilla Capital is morally and legally obligated to serve the client’s best interests. We have no conflicts of interest and no products to sell. We provide clients with direct account access and investment transparency. We seek to deliver preservation of capital in real terms at the lowest levels of fundamental risk.