Our Typical Client

DeCamilla Capital provides portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, trusts, corporations, and other businesses.

Our typical client is a professional person either currently working or retired who is interested in both preserving their net worth, income, and growing their investment capital. In most cases, individuals who seek out DeCamilla Capital are U. S. citizens who do not have the knowledge, training, time, or temperament to invest money for themselves. These individuals are uncomfortable with the frenetic nature of contemporary, transaction-driven investment advice. They seek out DeCamilla Capital’s fiduciary-based investment management expertise.

Our long-term clients indicate they appreciate the value of a professional fiduciary making investment decisions based upon what is in the client’s best interest. As fiduciary advisors we help those clients who are concerned about making sound decisions regarding their investment capital and are not comfortable doing so alone. For example, prospective clients may include:

  • Anyone responsible for managing other people’s financial assets and equity capital (stocks)
  • Individuals confronting their own retirement and who have a need to sustain a realistic cash flow from their IRA rollover
  • Pension/deferred compensation (i.e., 401 (k)) trustees or guardians of pooled trust funds who need a safe harbor and a fiduciary relationship with respect to their fund
  • Entrepreneurs who have sold their business and are seeking to preserve capital and maintain their lifestyle
  • Individuals who have received inheritance or settlements and who need unbiased, independent portfolio management
  • Young professionals seeking to build their net worth

Regardless of their age, gender, or station in life DeCamilla Capital clients are optimistic. They look forward to the future and are willing to commit their money and time to achieve long-term investment success.

Unlike most of Wall Street, DeCamilla Capital is not interested in finding answers to financial problems that don’t exist. We believe most of the investment products manufactured by various financial services companies are merely sales masquerading as solutions to non-existent problems. If you are comfortable with your current investment program it’s unlikely you will need our assistance. If you are interested in having a well-crafted investment portfolio customized for you, talk to us