Performance Reporting and Fees

Fee-Based Compensation
DeCamilla Capital charges a fee of 1.5% on the assets it manages. Our fee structure is characterized by:

  • Total compensation of DeCamilla Capital - No other payments received from third parties (e. g., research firms, banks, brokerages, insurance companies, initial public offerings) to promote their products or services.
  • Client success dictates DeCamilla Capital revenues - When the client’s investment portfolio value increases we receive greater compensation, and when the portfolio loses value we receive less.
  • Fulfilling client needs for competitive investment returns in a way that manages fundamental and systemic risk - Investment approach and format stresses a willingness to endure short-term volatility for the longer-term benefit of capital appreciation and dividend growth. We seek to assure the alignment between our client’s best long-term interest and the management of their capital.
  • All trades incur low brokerage fees charged by the custodian – DeCamilla Capital does not participate in any remuneration from these trades. Performance calculations reflect all commissions.

Our management fee entitles clients to contact DeCamilla Capital at any time to consult on contemporary macro- or micro-economic issues, strategic investment planning, or portfolio execution. As discretionary money managers, security selection, asset allocation, investment process management, and performance reporting are included in our fee.

Performance Reporting
DeCamilla Capital calculates and reports portfolio performance on a net rather than gross basis. All fees, costs, and expenses are included in our transparent performance reports. This is not the normal standard in either the brokerage business or many aspects of the financial services industry.

Net reporting, which reflects all investment costs, is a more accurate and realistic portrayal of portfolio results. This means clients:

  • Do not have to extrapolate DeCamilla Capital fees from investment performance results
  • Receive investment performance reports net of management expenses and trading costs in a clear and itemized format
  • Receive the advantage of more precise planning and measurement for retirement plan withdrawals, growth projections, and market index comparisons
  • Benefit from minimal portfolio turnover and trading

DeCamilla Capital fees and reports reflect the fair and realistic cost of direct and unbiased one-to-one asset management. In fulfilling our role and duty as traditional money managers we strive to assure our clients receive our best efforts and the services of a true fiduciary-client relationship.