You And The Financial Food Chain

Rube Goldberg machines are overly complicated gadgets designed to perform an easy task. Typically financial planners and stock brokers conduct transaction-based investment management using a Rube Goldberg-like process. At DeCamilla Capital we take a straightforward approach to money management. We interact directly with you to establish your goals and objectives. We speak in plain language and diligently assess your current needs to construct a customized portfolio for your investment future. As an investment manager, our role is to keep you from becoming prey in the financial food chain. And, we work to keep it that way.

A financial food chain is akin to the biological food chain. The basic concept is who eats whom, the feeding relationship between different living things. Each consumes a lower member on the chain and in turn is preyed upon by a higher member. The competitive hierarchy of the investment world sees brokerage firms, financial planners, and those in similar roles consuming your investment dollar, but not for your direct benefit.

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